Festing with Fido

It’s summer and it’s festival season!!! What better way to celebrate summer than with a festival and your closest of friends (those with four paws included)? Before you venture to the great outdoors with your dog in tow, prepare yourself to make the experience great.

No Dogs Allowed!

Some municipalities are very lax with dogs being in parks and other community resources. But there are also some municipalities that have restrictions on these wonderful creatures. Check with the website of the festival of interest or with the municipality to make sure that dogs are allowed. If so, make note of what type of leash they must be on and if there are any exclusions (i.e. must be leashed at all times vs. allowed to roam in certain fenced in areas). Nothing worse than missing out on the concert of the summer because you have to take your pooch back home.

“Can I pet your dog?”

Excited children may come running up to your cute dog asking if they can pet them. Not all dogs take too well to a group of people running up to them (or even one for that matter). They can turn aggressive or defensive and potentially could bite. Even if you have never seen your dog portray that type of behavior, it’s in their natural instinct to protect themselves. Most likely they are leashed and there is no escape so they can become even more stressed.  Children tend to be misinformed about what dogs are capable of. In these circumstances, it is your job as the owner to protect both your dog and the friendly petters. Kindly ask the children to wait until your dog is sitting and calm. One at a time, the children may pet your dog after the dog has had the opportunity to sniff their hand and get to know them. When the control is in your hands, there is less likelihood of any injuries. 

Poop Patrol

Please remember that you are responsible for cleaning up after your animal. Some municipalities may have fines for not picking up pet excrement. Until you can train them to pick it up and put it in the garbage, you are accountable. Basically, it’s just plain common courtesy. 

Hot Dog

Dogs cannot tell us that they are thirsty. It is up to us, the owners, to ensure that fresh, clean water is available. The best way to achieve this is to bring it with you. Yes, it’s another thing to carry but could save your dog from heat stroke or worse. If the temperature is too hot, leave them home. Dogs do not have the same cooling systems as humans. So, that nice cool breeze doesn’t give them the same relief. They will never understand “all the fun” they are missing out on, really. Also, asphalt can reach extreme temperatures as well. The tender paw pads can burn and cause your dog a significant amount of distress. 

Have a great summer and enjoy your local festivals. Bringing along your canine friends makes the experience more enjoyable but only if all parties involved are healthy. Happy Festing with Fido!

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