Leader of the Pack

Lately, I have been seeing people tying their dogs out on a long leash in the yard. While they run around chasing the passersby, the humans consider this activity the dog’s daily exercise. 

Animals are pack creatures which involves a migratory instinct. By lazily attaching the clasp and returning to watch reruns of “The Bachelor” you are unconsciously creating a monster. 

Pack Instinct 101

Dogs are creatures that follow in line to the chain of command. With domestication, YOU become the top dog! When you say jump, your dog should have all four off the floor. Not giving your dog the indication that you are the one who calls the shots can lead to a variety of undesirable behaviors:

  • Destructive chewing of toys or that new pair of really great shoes
  • Marking of territory inside your’s or other people’s homes
  • Claiming territory to items that are not their’s* (i.e. the couch, the bed, passenger’s car seat)
  • Lunging or snapping at people or other dogs out on walks

Take the control of your relationship with your canine and you and your pal will both feel the stress-relieving benefits. Working to develop this relationship leads to obedience and self-satisfaction as the dog parent. 

* Just to extrapolate further, no item is “your dog’s.” You have worked for the money that goes into that purchase and you are the one who should enjoy that couch or the bed.

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