Dog Greetings: “Hello!” Or “Oh No!”

Throughout our daily interactions, humans greet other humans in a variety of settings. We meet at the grocery store, the gym or a walk around the block. During these interactions, humans face each other and engage direct eye contact to whom they are communicating. If eye contact is avoided, the communicator can be perceived as aloof, rude or mischievous. If the eye contact is direct and uninterrupted, the communicator may seem angry or hurtful. Dogs on the other hand are not keen on direct eye contact and prefer small doses of face-to-face interaction. Learning to communicate with dogs can be as difficult, if not more so, than learning another human language. Keep reading for information on how to lessen the burden of learning to speak “dog”. More


Humans are a species that utilize language to convey wants or needs.  It’s a basic enough concept; but it’s becomes more complicated when communicating with another species. From a young age, humans learn or develop language to properly communicate to others within their species. It’s quite impressive how humans can use a variety of words for one thing and other humans are capable of interpreting the correct meaning. Dogs too can interpret human messages but sometimes the language is too complicated or overused. Below are simple guidelines to eliminate common errors between dog-human communication. More

Festing with Fido

It’s summer and it’s festival season!!! What better way to celebrate summer than with a festival and your closest of friends (those with four paws included)? Before you venture to the great outdoors with your dog in tow, prepare yourself to make the experience great.

No Dogs Allowed!

Some municipalities are very lax with dogs being in parks and other community resources. But there are also some municipalities that have restrictions on these wonderful creatures. Check with the website of the festival of interest or with the municipality to make sure that dogs are allowed. If so, make note of what type of leash they must be on and if there are any exclusions (i.e. must be leashed at all times vs. allowed to roam in certain fenced in areas). Nothing worse than missing out on the concert of the summer because you have to take your pooch back home. More